SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta 5: du 26/11/2011.

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SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta 5: du 26/11/2011.

Message par kingredha le Dim 27 Nov - 12:04

bonjour @ tous:

SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta 5: du 26/11/2011.

Here's the 0.2.1 beta 5, after a summer break. Quite a lot of fixes and changes due to reports etc.

Remember to mainly use the module (old hasn't been updated in a while,
although i could update that module in future, for now the focus lies on so only use if it works better somehow for u, usually it won't). And if you report problems
it's handy to at least try to mention where and in what situation it occured (not like
"the scanner crashes", otherwise i have no clue, oh and pictures say a thousands words don''t
they say?) and remember to copy smartdvb.log and bda.log (in the devices dir) as that can
always come in handy for me.

Here´s the changelog for this beta version:
v0.2.1 beta 5
Fixed: was having some issues with older 2.3 cards.
Fixed: null filter changes had broken radio channels when not using that filter, sorry.
Fixed: teletext subtitle pages parsing was not detecting pages correctly. Also by
default the detected subtitle page will be shown in the select subpage dialog.
Fixed: some changes to discontinuity handling. Looks to improve playing low quality
streams with at least the cyberlink codecs for me, let me know your findings
if you can.
Fixed: some EPG handling fixes.
Fixed: Some more scheduling fixes to prevent failed (small file size) records.
Fixed: some changes to stream state handling, might prevent freezes when graph is
in transitive state when changing monitors etc.
Fixed: Updated tbs cards support to include latest cards, tested (on xp) with a TBS 6922
DVB-S2 PCI-E blindscan card and seems to work fine. If you have a tbs card that doesn't
work correctly let me know. Some blindscan support will probably be added in
upcoming versions, didn´t want to do it yet as i want to get this version out asap.
Added: Support for anysee devices to, untested.
Added: Channel reload option to video popup menu.
Changed: Reworked the scanner dialog again a bit to show more channels/messages.

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Et comme toujours Bonne Vision. Razz

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